The Sauti Journey

Today we take a bold step; pushing to the world a couple lines of code for a project called The Sauti Platform — an online platform to collaboratively solve communal needs.

We do not consider ourselves to have achieved just yet, besides the many family and friends who have come in to encourage us in this endavour, we would not say we have much to show :) . The ultimate desire to make a difference has been the resounding factor every step of the way, incooperating the fundamental lessons learnt in Computer Science, we walked into the startup world with the full understanding that it takes effort and lots of it to build a company.

I once asked, when it was right to show the world what we had been working on and a friend told me; when you start writing the very first lines of code. So today, we live that code! We give the world those few lines of code. We invite you all to not only be judges but also to be stakeholders.

cc. Sauti Platform