Healthcare — Its Personal
Nick van Terheyden, MD

Damn right that healthcare is personal Dr. Nic! And as a nation (the United States that is), we need to make some hard decisions about how much of our scarce resources we can spend on young people, Millennials, Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, lost Greatest Generation causes. Sounds harsh, eh?

Well…this is life. And there are NOT unlimited resources. Some old, lost causes will have to take one for the greater good of all. And I include myself in that class, if and when it comes time (which is not now at my young 56, relatively healthy life-age).

My 83 year old uncle said to me: ‘Stevie, I’m an old man. I drank and smoked my whole life. Why did they cut off my foot yesterday? I’m good with dying. Why did my [my wife] get a [unnamed $sum]?” How sad is that?

INDEED! Any of you bleeding hearts and extreme, ‘lots of money for everything people’ who think otherwise are fooling yourselves: There are only so many resources to go around.

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