Hidden Energy Flows and Us

Making a conscious choice.

The energy that goes into manufacturing daily products and services is the largest component of our energy consumption and yet it does not form the basis for our buying/using/disposal decisions. The aim here is to create a framework to help us think about product — not as a product, but as energy we are consuming. Hopefully, it will influence us to become more conscious of our choices.

As per EPA, over 274 million soda cans are consumed in US everyday. Of these, about 50% reached landfill based on our choice to — trash or recycle. The energy required to produce trashed cans could power over 2.2 million US households everyday. This map helps us visualize the complex processes and the energy consumed across each lifecycle stage of a beverage can.

Access high resolution ‘You Can Choose’ poster + Soda Can LCA study —here.

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