Latest venture… or The hope of something new

I’ve been living in Southgate for almost a full year. I’ve been working in Corporate America for at least 3 years trying to do what post-college grads do. Enter the workforce. Pay taxes. Be a viable contributor to society. And for sometime, I did this with great joy knowing this isn’t all that there is.

But somewhere down the line, I lost some of that joy and just went to work all mindless. Worked as your basic call center agent taking phone calls and providing customer support for a very… shall we say… a less than viably functioning mobile app. Regardless, it’s corporate America. Some say it’s a calling, and I know for a fact, it’s not mine but it is work and I have been able to live in some semblance of comfort between all my bills and what not. But this is not what life is about. There’s gotta be more to it than working a dead end job, being unable to be a part of my faith community, isolated and living in a less than noteworthy area with minimal ethnic food choices, and just… existing. It’s not fun. It’s like you’re living in auto-pilot and you know it. But there isn’t really anything you can really do about it other than plan and do what you can to do right by the life you’re living as far as you can tell.

But in the midst of the mindless living of working your corporate job, the thirst for change is there, ever so present. Something, or Someone was working behind the scenes. Maybe you can judge…

Back in 2015, I’ve developed this restlessness and the need for a change. I was in between jobs then and volunteering as much as I can at the church I was at. Didn’t realize the itch to leave Michigan only grew stronger. It was definitely something I couldn’t ignore. Then the big question of faith entered my mind. It was a tension that I’ve always had trouble working with.

Christians aren’t supposed to have all the answers. We only know the One Who does. It’s not a capitalization on all knowledge, but a relationship with One who has that cap on all knowledge and has it well and can communicate it well in such a way my limited understanding can grasp. But sometimes, I lack the understanding I need to even recognize the big questions. So I’ve for the longest time wrestled with faith. The implicit trust of believing God to be Who He said He is, the explicit trust of what you believe He said you should do, and walking with courage in that belief trusting with your life that this is the direction you’re supposed to go. Sometimes you don’t even know where that it but you know it’s forward. So for me, I knew it’s not going to be living and dying in Michigan, a state I’ve lived in all my life. I thought it was and up until 2015, I was content in that. I thought I would live, work, get married, raise a family, serve my church, and ultimately die in the Mitten State. Enter 2015 and my eyes opened to the sheer discomfort I have for that though. It came gradually the more I thought of it. Then came the fight to clarify my motives of leaving. After sometime, I knew it wasn’t out of a selfish motivation. It was entirely to be a part of something I wanted to be a part of and that means leaving the state of my childhood and going south.

I’ve been on the wrestle bus for the last year living in Southgate, working in Allen Park, and getting used to the Downriver community.

In the next month, I won’t be renewing my lease, will be quitting my job, and relocating to Atlanta, GA.

I know questions will pour forth.

“Eugene, what are you going to do?” I don’t know.
“How are you going to live?” I don’t know.
“Where will you work?” I don’t know.

These are valid questions and I don’t have answers to them. I just know I need go. I’m single, 34, and coasting through life and not living. Perhaps ATL will light that fire for life again. Perhaps not but I will never know till I try, and Lord Willing, it’s the right move.

I’m scared. Yes, for sure I am scared. I never moved this far away from a place so familiar, but that’s what adventure is isn’t it? If it doesn’t scare you, is it worth doing?

And for me, as a person of faith, I don’t need to be afraid as I believe this is where God is leading me. Some may call it crazy. You don’t have to believe as I do, I believe it and that’s what matters.

Come 8/15/2017, Eugene out. BAI MICHIGAN!!!

If you’ve gone this far with reading this, you’re amazing.

If you feel inclined to help, I started a GoFundMe page where you can visit, read up, and give.

This is just to help me offset the moving costs. So…

Thanks Michigan. You’ve been… memorable!

Atlanta… HERE I COME!!!