About an Aspie

You wouldn’t know how it feels like to be obliged to feel.

No one‘s expecting you don’t know how to react.

What would you do if you all the nice words that you are supposed to say in the right moments don’t exist in your brain?

There’s feelings attached to everything. It’s not just because of erotic suggestions on commercials. It’s the feel thing. You are supposed to feel compassion, you are supposed to like your friends, your family, miss people, like to be with people and try to know everyone.

Now, get back to a brain that doesn’t include that. You may think it would be a empty space, without a purpose or a reason. It is not. There’s lots of stuff that I can’t understand in there, but none are related to feelings, inspiring words or compliments.

I just keep smiling, praising stuff people do, knowing they could do much better. But I’m supposed to be happy for them. Not asking them to do much more.

This is the first time I ever post a text online, much because I needed to write somewhere. Not that I’m expecting someone to read, but because I needed to get the courage to write stuff outside my books.

Not an english native, expect some mistakes, feel free to suggest corrections.

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