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House in Savannah
  1. The piece in the September Town & Country magazine about the deposed monarch of Greece, King Constantine II of Greece, is not only royally interesting, it’s a splendid catch-me-up to modern Euro history. Forced to flee Athens shortly after the seizure of power by a group of army officers in 1967, the King recently stunned Greeks — and most of his relatives in the royal households of Europe — by resettling in the capital where he was born and schooled — right in the midst of Greece’s current crisis. Perhaps most interesting to me was the background depicted in the piece about the one-off boarding school, Anavryta, created for the King, as a boy, by his parents — one for which the palace handpicked 14 boys to be his classmates. “They became his closest friends for life,” the article goes on to describe.
  2. Went to that Georgian gem of a town, Savannah, a few months ago, and I can’t get it out of my mind. “Enchanting” is perhaps the best word for it — wholly American, yet somehow foreign. One of the great walking cities in America — it’s laid out in 21 squares — there’s just something about Savannah: the Spanish moss draping the bare branches of oak; Sunday lunch at the Oglethorpe Club, a hint of Southern voodoo combined with an assured gentility, too-cute kids who attend the Savannah College of Art & Design, architecture spanning the neo-Gothic, Italianate palazzo, Georgian brick and clapboard Federal. After visiting, I decided I will go back every year for a jaunt during the depths of winter up north. (p.s. my favourite restaurant there?! The Grey, a fabulously deco eatery set in an old 1950s-era Greyhound restaurant)
  3. Don’t look at O magazine too often these days, but this one-on-one between Oprah and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the A-list chef, had me smiling from start to finish. Not only did my facial muscles hurt after I was done…but I was hungry as you can be! “I dream about food every night,” confesses JGV.
  4. A new Noah Baumbach film is always worth a visit, as far as I’m concerned — and his new one, Mistress America, starring his real-life love, Greta Gerwig, was no exception. His is one of the most singular voices in American director-hood…although, I have to say this is one Baumbach movie that almost seemed to be a Baumbach film in Whit Stillman-drag. Not that I’m complaining about that! You kinda get two auteurs for the price of one! Though it does run out of gas (a bit) at the end, I can’t help but agree with Joel Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal when he writes, “Ms. Gerwig’s performance is a comic diamond, and not in the rough. Her timing is flawless, her delivery is droll. The character she has created — from a remarkably smart and supple script, plus her own unerring instincts — may have spiritual connections with Cate Blanchett’s delusional Jasmine or Diane Keaton’s blissed-out Annie Hall.”
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