Call for Articles: Humanizing the Digital Museum

MCN’s 2018 conference, Humanizing the Digital, explored how museums can use technology to foster human connection and dialogue, advance accessibility and inclusion, and champion inquiry and knowledge. After witnessing the presentations and rich conversations that arose from them, a group of practitioners came together to explore how best to capture and disseminate the learnings that occurred at the conference. The outcome was a decision to solicit and publish a collection of papers based on MCN 2018. This book, tentatively titled, “Humanizing the Digital Museum”, is currently envisioned to be around 150 pages and will consist of roughly a dozen articles of approximately 3,000 words, with introductory and concluding essays by the editors.

We therefore invite authors, both conference presenters and attendees, to submit essays related to the theme. Essays can synthesize an idea that emerged over the week, dive deeper into a conference session, or speak broadly on the theme. We are also open to non-traditional forms, however authors choosing this approach should specify and explain their proposed format and length.

The volunteer editorial board plan to produce this book/ebook to be ready by Museums and the Web (April 2–6). We invite authors to understand and commit to the tight timeline before submitting (details below).

The book will be made available through both printed and e-editions. All proceeds will go to the MCN Scholarship fund.

Proposals of up to 200 words should be submitted via Submittable. Proposals that address a specific session from MCN 2018 should include the session name, and note whether the author was a presenter for that session. Authors seeking to present non-traditional forms of writing should also specify and explain their proposed format and length.

Please also include a short bio with submission.

Editorial Calendar
December 16: Proposals Due
Jan 5–6: Acceptances/Rejections sent out.
Feb 12: First draft due to editorial board
Feb 17: Editors return to authors with comments
Feb 24: Authors submit final draft for review
March 11: Book to print
Book Launch at Museums and the Web 2018, Boston

Editorial Board
Suse Anderson, Isabella Bruno, Hannah Hethmon, Adrienne Lalli Hills, Seema Rao, Ed Rodley, Rachel Ropeik, and Koven Smith.

Please note: Although MCN supports our project, this is not an official MCN publication, and the MCN Board has no editorial or publishing control over the final product.