Memoir leading a team

I was on a road trip right after completing an exciting product launch. One of the many things I love about these road trips is that it makes you think and retrospect. The thinking becomes very clear and as memory was fresh, used the opportunity to pen things I learnt and realized leading a high performing team.

  1. It is of paramount importance that at any given point the team understands what they need to do and that they have all the information and means to do to their best.
  2. Ensure everybody have a good understanding of what success looks like. Re-visit it adequately and adapt as and when required.
  3. Take good care of your people and let them feel cared. Treat your team members like human beings with emotions and not as yet another project resource.
  4. Have direct communication with stakeholders as much as possible. Have your internal and external stakeholder well informed at every juncture.
  5. Have the skill to select the high impact items over low impact items for your products. Items you select should delivery maximum benefit for your product in market.
  6. Be accommodative of change, always have alternatives. Have a plan for the known unknowns and anticipate unknown unknowns.
  7. Define your metrics early, constantly measure and these measurements should guide you to have discussion with the team and strive to continuously improve.
  8. Be creative and encourage out of the box thinking. Encourage an environment where feedback is welcomed, team members feels empower and their inputs valued.
  9. Facilitate development of trust within the team and with external teams. Encourage informal networks to get things done and cultivate a collaborative work culture.
  10. It’s important every team member vividly see their growth road map that up skill them. Have a plan for their future growth and success.
Roads were made for journeys not destinations