Getting Started with LeTeX + Docker + VSCode Remote Container

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Table of ContentsIntroduction1. Setup
2. Method 1: tianon/latex
3. Method 2: Remote-Containers
4. Method 3: Creating your container
5. How to switch Remote containers
6. Opening a PDF


We can run a Docker application in any environment, Linux, Windows, or Mac. Docker provides a set of official base images for most used operating systems and apps. Docker allows you to take full control of your environment, installing what you need, removing, and installing from Dockerfile.

In this article, I will show you three ways how to use LaTeX on Docker and VSCode Remote Containers extension. In the first part, we use tianon/latex image, and qmcgaw/latexdevcontainer Docker image in the second part. …

No more Python env and package update

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Table of ContentsIntroduction1. Installing Docker Desktop
2. Docker help
3. Running Jupyter Docker Stacks
4. Formatting Docker ps
5. Entering the Docker container and using bash
6. Stopping and removing containers and images
7. Connecting the local directory to a Docker container
8. Inspecting a container
9. Getting started with Docker file
10. Publishing an image to Docker Hub


Docker simplifies and accelerates your workflow, while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project. — from Developing with Docker

Docker provides a contained environment for your development. By using Docker, you may not need to install pyenv/pipenv/virtualenv or any programming languages on your computer. You just use a Docker container! In this article, you will learn how to run Jupyter on Docker. …


Shinichi Okada

Use Python, Jupyter, LaTeX, Docker. Used Node/Express, PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React. LEARNING Shell Script & Rust. Love to share what I learn.

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