Here comes the first piece!

It’s 11 pm and I am sitting in a very uncomfortable chair in the chilly corner of my “pent house apartment”. I have no clue about what am I writing and why I am willing to hit the keys on the keyboard of my fancy ordinateur. I am bored to death and I am un-willing to finish the pending work. May be it’s the procrastination or just me wanting to just write what ever comes to my mind. Well what ever this is, I am hitting almost more than 500 characters on the draft page of my “medium blog”. I forgot to mention it’s Saturday night and instead of partying and enjoying the hustle bustle of the city and getting drunk, I am here like a nerd typing a tedious piece.

What’s refraining me from getting out and exploring the clubs, where I can certainly get wine and possibly women too. But no I am here looking at the boring, dull computer screen, stroking the keys. Well now I should get going and finish the work I have been postponing all day. But guess what they say , tomorrow is another day. I will kill the lights and take a nap or may be I should indulge with some anonymous conversation with an unknown person on the other end of the planet earth via social media. Peace out world!