Why do all successful people read books?

Is it really worth your or my time?

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Back in my school days, there is this, one very common statement I have heard as I grew up several times, literally, not kidding, and that is:

“Start Reading books to get successful!”

And to top it again, this same phrase is repeated by all the internet genii and YouTubers.

Is it really helpful?

Or wait before we dive into debating that, let me guess… You have tried reading books too but have failed to be consistent, right?

If not, what is your experience reading books? Write in the comments and share your wisdom with everyone here!

According to Bill Gates, he reads about 50 novels annually. He claimed that “the major method I both learn new topics and assess my comprehension” is via reading.

Does reading books actually change our lives?


You are in a dark room and there is no light entering that room.

But you anyhow need to light the room so that you can work.

What will you do?

You will simply connect in to the main switchboard in your house and connect a bulb to your room, right?

A similar process happens in your brain as you read books… Neuroscientists say reading books can activate certain parts of the brain. In addition, 3 basic things psychology proves:-

Reading books can change one’s thinking pattern. It gives us an opportunity to turn a dull thing into a new, fresh idea that no one has ever thought of.

The ability to solve problems is the key to successful people. It is said that it doesn’t matter how hard the situation is until you can turn the situation around!

In this generation, it is very easy to connect to people, but it has become very lonely and discouraging cause we are distant physically. But reading a book can give us great company in those times and besides that can benefit us in uncountable ways.

Elon Musk has claimed that he read books to understand how to construct rockets, whereas Warren Buffett used his avid reading habit to learn everything there was to know about every business, which helped him become America’s most successful investor.

Though, all books cannot make you successful:

If you want to be a pilot, then reading a book on architecture won’t help you be a pilot.

Similarly, if you read only fiction or romance novels, you cannot be successful in every step of life.

Books that trigger you to work hard and try new techniques, or motivate or teach you to fight in the storm, are the books that will make you successful.

I’m not saying you will be successful overnight. Reading books will only teach us strategies to find the right path where you will be the driver of the journey towards reaching your goal/ destination!

Every successful person had a thirst to achieve high mountains and chop off all the barriers, which stopped them all as they progressed in their path. Books helped them to show the path, and the rest was the fire they had in their eyes.

Instead of reading only to become successful, read because you want to. If so, it won’t become a burden, but let you relax as you do it. Reading books has no boundaries. Each book will attempt to impart the most knowledge possible, but you must know how to truly understand it.

In an effort to push himself and others to read a book every two weeks, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg established his own book club in 2015.

Why do successful people read books?

Because they are aware that every issue they confront has already been dealt with by someone else.

The answer was discovered and recorded by someone somewhere.

The finest education comes from books, and successful individuals are wise enough to understand that they don’t need to invent the wheel in order to make significant changes.

Does reading books truly help?

I believe that learning is more essential than reading books. People that are successful tend to be lifelong learners who actively seek out new information.

Reading enhances learning by encouraging creative and alternative thinking.

I read in an article that Elon Musk picked up a lot of knowledge about rocket engineering just by asking his engineers questions every day before they got to work. Actually, this is how the books behave. They reflect the expertise and opinions of the authors.

The basic justification for this is that reading is the greatest method to learn anything, hence successful people read a lot. Books convey the author’s ideas to readers. However, that does not imply that it is the only method of learning.

You may immediately question a successful person about his experiences and speak with him. To learn what he did and comprehend why he failed, you may also speak with someone who has experienced company failure. We can learn a lot from each of these approaches or simply talking and communicating.

Here is what I have discovered about reading, after being consistent for over 2 years now:

Reading needs intense concentration.

You won’t be able to understand what is said in the book if you are preoccupied.

As a result, reading has helped me gain excellent focus abilities, which might be helpful in avoiding stupid errors in my work life, leading to efficiency.

Literature has broadened my viewpoint and perspectives.

Reading books from various origins, genres, and perspectives has altered the way I view the world and aids in the development of my worldview.

It has enabled me to make the right choice by putting myself in another person’s place.

As a reader, I have practiced establishing my goals for reading and, most of all, valuing my time.

Even if I have like 30 mins in hand, instead of scrolling through Instagram, as I would do, I now pick up a book and start learning from it.

Setting goals for each moment and valuing my time are the two keys to success.

I think that after I started reading more books, my brain has started engaging in a variety of mental activities that have enabled me to remain on alert for an extended amount of time, keeping me fresh and energetic.

As a result, I have noticed that I get more fresh ideas, quicker and out of the box to experiment.

In conclusion, reading may be compared to eating since, just as the body requires food to stay healthy and operate correctly, the brain also needs fresh knowledge to stay healthy and do so.

Reading does, in fact, enhance cognitive functions in the brain, making one wiser, according to scientific research market, a market where it may be monetized and paid back to you in a clear-cut assessment.

Money isn’t the only indicator of success, of course, but I use it to succinctly and simply describe the phenomenon.

If you want to succeed, do the actions and develop the qualities. To provide such a return, an investing procedure is necessary, and “books,” as construed, are an absolute need in both the continuity and the process.

Let’s not also forget that only what we are aware of may assist us; everything else is useless. Remember that no human being can think, say, do, or feel anything that is outside of what they already know!

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Until tomorrow, Have a lovely day!



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