Building A Team

My mission for my son was to build a team who could understand my son, identify his strengths and hidden talents then work together as a team to unleash his potential. Building a team for my son has been a steep learning curve since he was diagnosed with Autism (ASD) back in 2013.

I decided to take a practical approach though it was overwhelming at the beginning. It has been a journey filled with emotions, experiencing denial, guilt and frustration. By reflecting our journey also gave me the assurance things do get better. All we need is having patience in abundance which results in determination of not giving up. I’m not a superhero as I do have a my moments when I breakdown every now and then. There were times where I would feel helpless and cry as I sit by my son’s bed watching him asleep.

Today I have a team for my son and what keeps me pumped is coming across some really awesome and passionate advocates who not only “Talk the Talk” but “Walk the Talk”. It feels good when we integrate and collaborate together as a team working towards our goal. The reward is my son, Karshen loves his team of educators and therapist by acknowledging their hard-work with his special ‘SMILE’ and ‘Hug’. My son is engaged and feels empowered when we cheer him for every progress he makes and his excited when he hears us say “Good Job Karshen - well done High5” There’s a lot of uncertainty with Autism but we also have moments of pride and joy just like all parents when our child achieve little milestones.

“Below is a snapshot of our world. Since my mum is visiting us she has been one of our biggest advocate and a super awesome Grandmother.”
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