DIY Race Telemetry for S1000 RR

We all want the pit crew of Valentino Rossi including a few engineers that solely focus on recording and analyzing the telemetry of the bike. Sadly for most of us this will stay a dream, but there are easier ways to collect some useful data and use it to learn and improve faster.

This is a tutorial on how to use Harry’s Laptimer and install it securely on a BMW S1000 RR in order to get full telemetry and be able to create videos like this :

Part 1 Installation

The idea is to use the sensors of a smartphone, Android or Iphones are today equipped with GPS for location and speed, as well as Accelerometers that can measure lean angle of the bike. For that to work properly the phone has to be in a safe and stable position — Meet the DIY Trunk Mount :

Here is how it works:

  • Get Yourself an Otter Case in case you are using an Iphone like me
  • This allows you to mount on part of it with double-sided mounting tape (As strong as the 3m used to mount GoPros) on the main-fuse box as seen above. That way you can remove the soft rubber part of the case with the phone in it at any time, while the harder part provides a semi-permanent “docking station” in your BMWs trunk.

Part 2 The App

You can download the Iphone app here. While Harry’s Laptimer is not free it offers maps for almost every track. The UI needs some getting used to and is clearly not designed by a UX-Engineer, but a German Engineer that only had data in his mind.

To get the App race ready you first need to go to “Prepare Race” and create a profile. Then you can go to the main menu item “Race”, once the app has the GPS lock and knows you are on the track you are ready to go — IMPORTANT: don’t lock the screen of your phone, the screen needs to stay on, in order for the app to record the laptime.

Once the session is done you can stop the recording and look at the recorded data. A super cool feature is that you can even pair the app with a GoPro and the Laptimer will put all the information about laptime, lean-angle, speed, acceleration and breaking into the video if you so desire.

At this point we could go into pages of details about the app, but this is meant to be a quick guide to get you started — so enjoy, explore the data and use it to become the next Rossi ;-)