Why religion is poison in 5 steps

Arturo Lin
Oct 17, 2017 · 6 min read

I don’t know about every single religion in this world, so this ideas are mostly directed to Christianity and Islam, our closest and most familiar religions. Although I believe any belief in a God or afterlife is as poisonous, I am forced to stay in the area that i know.

So my beloved religious people hold your socks, fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride, maybe someone will start seeing this differently.

  1. It undermines the value of life

Why would you make the best of your life and the people that surrounds you, if life if just a test, and you will live forever in heaven?

Believing in some form of afterlife takes away the meaning of life, why would you work on making this world a better place? Your time here isn’t more that a blink compare with the eternity on heaven. Just do as your religion commands, past the test and make it through the golden gates.

Now, I am sure, now many people are already thinking that, in order to make it up there, you need to follow a moral code of love and respect to others. What a far fetched idea. A Christian just need to confess his sins and apologize to make it. So you can be a absolute dick all your life, just make sure you recognize it in your dead bed. When those priest, meet the kids they raped in heaven, I bet it will be an awkward moment.

With Islam I am not gonna even get started, make sure you kill some people that doesn’t believe like you, and you will have your virgins waiting.

The way to heaven is actually pretty unmoral, which lead us to point 2, so not only, you don’t need to worry much about this life, you also don’t even need to try to be nice while it last.

2.Religion is incredibly unmoral

From loopholes in Christianity, that allow you to go to heaven despite, you had spend your life a big asshole to others. To stoning to dead gay people in Islam, the list is endless.

For millennia, religion has attributed itself the power, to define what being a good person is. A religious person is a good person, is a thought, so deeply rooted in both religious and not religious people, that doing a critical analysis, is still a taboo.

First of all, if you were living almost any time in the last 1500 years, you better be a good person in the religious standards. If you were not a “good person” you will most likely end, tortured, decapitated, stoned, burned, hang, quartered… basically dead in a terrible way, nice foundation for a moral code.

The guide lines from major religions are completely inhuman, murdering apostates, murdering gay people, the complete submission of the woman, guides on how treat your slaves. We could go forever. Although there is not official studies, the most secular states, are often the ones, with less crime, Japan, Denmark, Sweden. Looking forward for someone to study the correlation of those.

Hidden behind some commandments, that might look they put order in the world, lays a moral guide, that brings the worse of humanity, because it’s based, not in the understanding that, your freedom, goes as far as where other people freedom start, and that your actions have an effect on the people around you.

Instead is based on fear. Most of the time on fear on going to hell.

At this point we all know how good fear works in societies.

3. If it would exist God, he would be a total asshole

Imagine that you have a shop. One day a man comes in with a shotgun and he tells you “look, I love you and I will never hurt you, believe me, give me a little money every month, and you and your shop will be fine forever. This shotgun I am pointing at your head now? Don’t mind it, I will never use it if you trust me, because I love you”

You will probably define that person as a gangster.

Well that is exactly what God would be. A gangster keeping humanity Hostage. For an ever loving being, threatening people to burn for eternity in hell, if they don’t do what he commands, to blindly believe in him while he never has the time to show up, sounds pretty mean to me.

What would you think about someone that, makes a man kill his own son, to prove his faith, kills everyone on earth cause he don’t like them, make people that didn’t even exist at the moment pay for actions of a person that ate an apple, that he called forbidden, or make you kill any family member, that stop believing in him.

It would sound to me, that, that person, more than a caring human being, he will be a selfish, megalomaniac, vengeful asshole, with no empathy, that only cares about his ego.

Would you base your life morals on that kind of person?

4. It numbs the mind

I don’t know. Its a sentence that we don’t use enough. We are scare of using it. It can be scary, but it brings up the best of mankind.

Is thanks to the people that said it, that we have internet, planes, medicines or the laptop were I am typing.

Why would we push the limits of our knowledge, if would live our lives according to the Bible or the Quran. In those books they have their own explanation of the universe, no matter how wrong they are. We would not had tackle any mystery of our universe, if everyone would just said, “oh its gods work”

Why there is lightning bolts? — Zeus is Angry

Why the sun cross the sky?- Rah carries it it in his mouth

All questions that we have, are at some point being tried to be resolve with religion, and at some point they been tackled by people who step out of that, and used rational thinking.

The bigger amount of people, that base their views of the universe based on religion, means less people, working on progress and advances that will benefit us all.

5. Its selfish

Life can be bitch, finding meaning in a apparently random and meaningless life, is the burden that we carry, since the day we start thinking and have self awareness.

Religion, filll that hole, and any other doubt you can have instantly.

Suddenly dying is not dying, where we come from is explain in a page and life has a meaning. Most importantly it fills, one of the most human gaps we have, love. There is someone up there, that cares for you, loves you and watch over you, you are special, you are important for someone.

How fucking selfish is it? Just because you are alone, because you are scared of the unknown, because you don’t have the capacity of saying “i don’t know, but i am gonna make the best of it”. Just because you are a coward. You are gonna follow some utterly unmoral beliefs, written by obviously, savage people, that is willing to murder in the most horrific ways, to people that doesn’t agree with their beliefs. Beliefs, that by the way don’t have any prove, or logic to believe that they are remotely true. Just because it makes you feel better.

You can go give food to the homeless as much as you want. Probably holding their lunch hostage, until they listen to a sermon. But you are just selfish.

Arturo Lin

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Hard truths that you don’t wanna hear.

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