Stranger in Mumbai

The sky dances in its own shadow…

In the sea

Newly married horses chase virgin waves

At the Gateway of India

Defeated Gods spray downpour indiscriminately

And indecent proposals sweep the wet streets.

Don’t go away fugitive clouds

Don’t listen to hollow rumors

Though I suffer the stigma of being

A bonded slave to your Downtown

Come running to my bed,

I am no stranger to your town…

Love at Red Light in Delhi

One holy river in slush flowing intermittently

Two basil leaves lying spritless on the scattered corpses

Robbed by wanton autumn delight,

Three priests play holi on the spy camera.

Besotted with nonsense science, endowed with senseless arts

Bulletproof polygamous soldiers arrive to raid hiding mongooses.

Hoarding imported roses under the encroached shade of lampposts

flower sellers haggle in crooked himility.

Oozing with oomph, teachers confess to poor job satisfaction on children’s day.

Yawning cheerfully in the flattery of desperate eyes of lewd onlookers

Siberian cranes begin another day…

Believe it or not,

Renunciation lives happily in the missing gentials of civilizations

And Love is permanently domiciled in strange cavities of desire.

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