Simulate the life with cats using my programming skills

Shinji Yamaguchi
Jun 24 · 4 min read

Cat lovers often say like this.

Here’s the Google Chrome Extension I developed.


How to make running cat

Run freely leaving paw-prints on your screen.
<img width="100" alt="original direction" style="transform: scale(1, 1);" src="IMAGE_URL">
<img width="100" alt="flip horizontally" style="transform: scale(-1, 1);" src="IMAGE_URL">
function getRadian(start, end) {
let radian = Math.atan2( -, end.left - start.left);
return radian;
let radian = getRadian(start, end);
let degree = radian * ( 180 / Math.PI ) ;

How to make sleeping cat

Sleeping cat in the midst of bottom side of your screen.
// Run each animation in order
async function animate() {
await moveCenter();
await changePose1();
await changePose2();

// Take 10 secs to make cat walking to the midst point
function moveCenter() {
return $cat.animate({ left: "50%" }, 10000, "linear").promise();
// Make cat sitting down on the spot
function changePose1() {
return $cat
// Switch image to sitting style image
.attr("src", src_2)
// after 1 second, switch to next image
.animate({ left: "50%" }, 1000)
// Make the cat sleeping
function changePose2() {
return $cat // switch to sleeping style
.attr("src", src_3) // Change her face when click event occurs for a second
.on("click", function(e) {
// frown face
$cat.attr("src", src_4).animate({ left: "50%" }, 1000, function() {
// back to sleeping image
$cat.attr("src", src_3);
.animate({ left: "50%" }, 1000)

How to make sprouting cat

She has power to destroy each parts in the page.

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I’m a computer programmer

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