IA# 5: Reflections on The Monuments Men

While watching the movie, it made me realize how we should appreciate art more often. It’s disappointing to say that many people today doesn’t really care about museum arts. Some of them doesn’t even care what art really is. The movie made me feel upset due to how the Nazis steal art from different types of countries and some of them actually destroys them. It’s a good thing the monuments men were there to save some and make history happen for us to see it today. The movie was based on a true story which makes things more interesting to understand. Although, some arts were been saved by the characters, it saddens me because people today doesn’t really know the story behind each art work. They don’t really know how many lives were taken just to protect and preserved each historical art form. After watching the film, it moves me to appreciate art more. It made me understand the importance of each preserved art works.

The story and the setting of the film was fantastic. I like how the story was really connected to what they want us to see and understand. It really looked like it was based on a true story, plus you can learn plenty of life lessons with it. The setting was perfect, it looked like it’s really from the WWII. The environment was suit for the film. The actors were very professional when doing their role. The way they express their feelings and how well they act were perfect for their part.

If the Philippines has a set of “Monuments men” during the WWII, maybe some art forms were missing till today. We wouldn’t know but then maybe some of them were already destroyed. But maybe most of them were well kept and preserved till today if there are any monuments men in the Philippines. Due to a lot of destruction that’s been happening in the Philippines over the past time, many paintings, art forms, portraits, art were destroyed. Many people now a days do their best to make sure any art works are well preserved and kept for safety.

In my opinion, it is in need for us to have “Monuments Men” in the armed forces because their are a lot of chaos and destruction that’s been happening in the Philippines today due to war and calamities. Most likely, when there are rebels from the Philippines, their first attack goes to the Museums because they don’t want any art to make history. It’s like saying they destroy history to make a new history. Calamities in the Philippines destroy buildings now and once a museum is actually affected, many art forms are getting broken. There are a lot of reasons why i want a Monuments Men in the armed forces. It isn’t just for the history, but also for our future.

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