Midterm Project (1T AY2016–2017)

During my visitation at the Metropolitan Museum, i found 4 artworks that caught my attention that were owned by the “Bangko Central ng Pilipinas”

First is the, “Tahanan”. I think the artist who made this painting wants to tell us how the Filipinos lived during the back old days. Since there are a lot of human figures and the house seems to be made of wood and concretes, It looks like a typical house from the provinces here in the Philippines.

‘Tahanan” by Manuel Baldemor — Printing ink on paper

Second, “Traveller”. In my opinion, the artist is telling us that during the early age of the Filipinos, there were travallers who would sell from their native lands to another native lands using an animal transportation. Just like in the painting, the Filipinos works hard for a living and sell products and foods from their land just to earn incomes.

“Traveller” By Emet Valiente

Third is the “Kites of Summer”. There weren’t any technological gadgets for the young kids back then so children would often go outside to play. Kites were invented and as you can see, children enjoys playing kite during the summer because that’s the time wherein you don’t have school works and it’s the perfect season for children back then to go outside. I think the artist is telling us how Filipino lives used to be more simpler during the early days.

“Kites for Summer” By Manuel Rodriguez, Jr. — Printing ink on paper

Fourth “Tindera nang Isda”. Up to today, we can see that there are still people who sells fish products at the markets or “Palengke”. In my opinion, i think the artist is telling us that during the back days, this is one of the ways how Filipino survives. I find this very appreciative since there aren’t really a lot of art works of people selling to survive. Mostly today’s artworks, it’s all about abstract and emotional part of thing.

“Tindera ng Isda” By Jess Flores

Contemporary art helped me understand and appreciate art better by making me realize things when looking at its portrait. I really find contemporary art amusing since the painting or art forms are really clear and nice to look at. I never really appreciate art until i saw this exhibit and it actually changed the way i look at art works now. Here are five art works that caught me by surprise.

First, “Basketbol”. I’m actually a huge fan of basketball that’s why this painting caught my eye. I never really expected this painting to look clean and clear. When i saw this artwork, i was shocked to how the artist made a clear representation on how the Filipinos play basketball.

Second, “Spider-boy”. This painting amazes me by how i see Filipino kids now a days. This painting is very similar to Filipino kids and not just them but other native Filipino culture having a free ride from back of the trucks, cars, jeeps and other vehicles.

Third, “Nipa hut”. This art is makes me think about how the Filipinos lived before. Filipinos are experts in making nipa huts and i find it appealing to look at since there are a lot of artworks that aren’t clear to look at but this art work changed the game.

Fourth, “Crucifixion”. A lot of Filipino people are religious and this art form made the viewers realize how important it is for Filipino to take religion things very serious. Artist who tends to paint things like this, wants people to realize how thankful we should be for our savior to save us from suffering.

Fifth, “Insecured”. This art is the very first thing that caught my eyes when i first stepped on the second floor of the Met Museum. It attracted me not because of it’s design and features, but because when i looked at it’s portrait it hits me hard how people now a days are very insecure about themselves. There are a lot of people who are very insecure and i think the artist is trying to avoid that by making people reflect on their insecurities when you look at the art work.

In the Met museum, there are a lot of art portrait paintings that you would really shock you because the art and paintings are really clear to how the message is being portray. They don’t really differ that much from the National Museum since both of them have artworks that would attract viewers depending on how the art was formed. My visiting experience was quite fun since I’m with my friends and we would actually view art works together. We would analyze and share different views on the message the art form is showing. The visitors during my time of visit were actually students who are there for their Aesthetics museum activity. There aren’t a lot of people and it’s quite empty.

Shin YooHoon / Yanagisawa Shinji / Cardasto Jen / Enrique Kyle / Brown Keenan / Diaz Bernice / Abutin Frances / Mesina Aina
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