Love songs ??????

It could be nighmare for lovers if they would describe their story without a love song. A beautiful song where they imagine ourself and feel the love of each other.

For the breakers , those songs are ghost who drag them in the lap of memories. Who is responsible for spoiling their lovd song? When i played a beautiful love song , my fear arrested the pause button of the player. I asked to myself , would it never be allowed in my life ? It was my personal favorite song. I used to play it 10 times on my playlist. Is it gone? No more love songs will be allow in my life ?

I sat down for few moments , all memories flashes very fast today , but one thing was different i.e. love for my love songs.

Why should i shutdown the feel of love , which is still existed inside me. I really love my love song. Because seriously it was really personal favourite. So i played the song and feel it how it was close to me and will be forever.