If It Isn’t Hard, Then I Won’t Take It

Entering a new field of work, with a new role and responsibilities will not be easy at all for everyone. Especially if all that you know, the job qualifications deviated from your ability. Is looming in sight, how horror it would be. But sometimes for some cases, we did not have too many options. And damn the narrowness of choice often brings goodness into life learning process.

After a week or two weeks sign up, there will be people who ask, "How is it? Is it hard?"

Then I reply.

It’s hard for sure. But, precisely because it is difficult, then I want to take this opportunity. If it is easy, for what else I’m doing?

Old neighborhood’s amenity can be tempting for many people. Without discouraging any job, almost every day I always proffered the fact that most of the staffs at my college are the alumni of the college itself. There is nothing bad to be the staff of your own campus. But I actually really itch to ask, "Is this really what you want?" Or is this just you and our society’s custom who only want an easy life, “What’s important is, get money, be able to eat daily, that’s all."

If your answer is, “Yes, this is what I want!” then just go with it. I support you with all of my heart, maybe it’s where you called. But if not ...

Comzort zone can be dangerous. Its static curve often makes us stop thriving.

I recall my childhood in kindergarten. At that time, I was admiring my seniors in elementary. How cool they were in red-white uniforms, were allowed to use the stairs without any supervision, being able to count numbers, as well as being able to read fluently. I want to be an elementary student. And when I get into elementary, I hope to be in junior high school. And so on.

Now, if us, the college students / workers are offered to learn again in kindergarten? Would you want it?

If I was commanded to learn FROM the kindergarten kids, I want to. But to learn again IN kindergarten school, I guess is enough. Life is difficult, and indeed, no one ever say it is not. When life becomes too easy, on the contrary I will start questioning.

Do not complain life is boring, if you do not want to crawl out of the routine.

Take it! If you know it won’t be easy, because then you know you will grow and level up.

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