Being alone is great…when accompanied by wine.

I’m in a dating purgatory

I only have one dating app on my phone. Bumble. I started using it about five months ago and I pay a monthly subscription fee ($10.00 a month) for it. That means I get to see all the guys who right swipe my profile picture which is nice because I can pick and choose who I want to talk to. I’m very selective about who I right swipe so when I do, I really want to get to know the guy. So I would start out with the friendly “Hello (Name)!, How are you?” or “Hey! How is your weekend going?”. You know, standard polite statements. Do I get a reply? Yes and No. Most of the time, guys would respond and then disappear into the abyss forever, never to return. And some guys don’t even respond at all. So my question is, WTF?????!!!!

I get it. You’re a guy. You have endless options right now. And that picture of you holding a cute dog is a calculated move on your part. I’m not falling for that. In fact, I learned that guys on dating apps have no idea what kind of impression they’re giving to potential suitors. Or maybe they just don’t care. I’ve seen way too many half-naked gym bathroom selfies and scary close up face photos. Oh and my favorite, posing with an expensive looking car. Sorry buddy, that just made me roll my eyes.

I have gone on three dates that resulted from Bumble after much back and forth texting. And no, I didn’t get a second date from any of them. All three of them were pleasant enough and I even thought I had a connection with one of them. I’m very picky with my time so when I do pick someone, I genuinely want to get to know them and have a conversation. But the ugly truth is that guys on bumble are just mindlessly right swiping any girl without even making an effort to read her profile. The ugliest part of all is if you go on a date with a guy and you make it a point to express that you’re not interested in a hook up, expect to never hear from him again.

Should I keep spending 10 bucks on a month on an app with a bunch of fuckboys that make me lose hope in men? I want to be optimistic but I’m slowly giving up on finding someone even half-decent to go out on a date.