Let’s stand for each other!

Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu,Shakti-rupen sansthita.Namas-tasyai namas-tasyai,
namas-tasyai namo namaha…

While we soak ourselves in the festive spirit, with the colourful navaratras and the joyous Durga pujo, let's remind ourselves the very essence of worshipping the goddess...It's a celebration of “Shakti" ...or Stree Shakti (women empowerment).

Can we all vow to do something new this festive season...?

Stop blaming a girl for going out late, wearing short dresses or without a male companion. If you see her being harassed by a roadside romeo, stand up for her. May be a few others will be motivated to join in and chase the tormentor away.

Check with your maid if she is educating her daughter and if you can help her with a difficult subject on the weekends. Save and give your kid's books/stationary incase if she needs them. Help to change a life!

Show your support for women standing up against dowry, female foeticide, acid attacks and other social evils. It takes courage to be a brave woman!

She has earned a promotion because of working hard and not by having an affair with her boss! You cannot rise professionally by discrediting some other women.

While you want your daughter in law to treat you like her mother; you too can be supportive if she chooses to work, just like how you would be towards your daughter. As simple as that! Forgive your in laws who gave you a hard time. Be the model mother-in-law yourself.

Can we really 'settle down’ after being married? So what is she is unmarried at 35 years or chooses to remain childless? It's her choice.

Would you judge a woman in a saree coming home alone at 12am? No. So why judge someone in a mini skirt then? What has character got to do with clothes?

Let's teach our sons to be gentle and kind not only towards us, but also every other lady outside the house too.

Lets have a different approach towards each other and not indifferent. We do not need to come on the road to fight for justice if we show up at the time when it's needed..time to support each other!