Right parenting for the success of your child

While all of us want our children to grow up to fine people, we rarely take responsibility for wrong behaviour exhibited by our children. We find it easy to blame the media or the child’s peer group.

While its mostly beyond our control to change or control the external environment, let’s do something different from our side to help our children:

1. Share your past experiences not to scare your child: While your child needs to know about evil effects of harmful addictions like smoking , drugs etc there are things he ought to discover by himself and not learn everything based against the background provided by you. Say the fear of water never allowed you to take up swimming. But you sure wouldn’t you want your child to miss out on a sport like swimming due to the fear of water, do you? So be with him while the trainer trains him and try to enroll him earlier for swimming as little kids do not experience fear the same way adults do and hence learn faster.

Do not hope and expect your child to like and hate things the way you do. Your child is your mirror and not your shadow!

2. Allowing a child to take risks:

Drawing lessons from the first point on sharing past experiences, rescuing your child too early so as to not letting him experience failure or risk will not allow your child to grow upto his full potential.

Your child has to know it's ok to fail once in a while. He may not succeed in his career choices he once aimed at. It's ok to rethink or rediscover his interests and start a new career. Let him not fear what the society or his peer group think of him when he makes tough choices.

The same is true with personal life decisions as well. Rescuing too early and also sharing too much information confuses a child and makes him rethink his choices. He may also view you as an interfering kind of parent when he grows up.

3. Practice what you preach:

As a couple, try the sport you always feared. Sharpen your natural skill by joining a training programme. Write that culinary blog you always wanted to, take a trip to the wild you always feared. Let your child see the adventurous side of you once in a while and know that life is not that serious and it is ok to indulge in things you always wanted to, even if it sounds or could be regarded as silly by the society.

4. Important lessons in life:

Personal relationships are harder to maintain and are as important to the growth of your child as his professional success. A happy and content personal life is needed to complete a successful life in the true sense.

Your child needs to seriously consider maintaining relationships within and outside the family. Relationships cannot be taken for granted. Your behaviour and actions within and outside the house should demonstrate the same.

Networking and socialising these days are not only useful for the mental health of person but also helps professionally. Your child has to socialise in the right circles well inorder to grow in life.

Let your child fly free and experience life!

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