Resuming your career after child birth?

Many of us dread the idea of leaving our precious little one in a day care and restart our career or to go back to our full time jobs. Not all of us have the privilege of leaving our kids with the grandparents.

These days daycare centers are run professionally and unlike the olden day's baby-sitting systems, where the child had very limited fun and learning time. Here's why you shouldn't be worried or guilty to explore the option of a day care:

1. Fun times ahead:

One of the key skills that your child will learn at a daycare is how to be sociable; your child will be spending a major part of their day interacting with other children and adults. Interaction is the cornerstone of development and all this meaningful contact with different types of people will contribute positively and significantly to their personality.

2. Separation anxiety, what’s that?

Once your child gets used to leaving you on a daily basis and spending time at the daycare, they will gradually become more independent. This will make settling into new environments like big school or a relative’s house very easy. Your child will learn the skills of navigating themselves around a new environment, quickly and effortlessly, making your job as a parent, so much easier!

It also makes your child strong enough to start the first day of school without tears and get adjusted to hostels if needed in future.

3. Routine up:

Daycares help instil a sense of routine by having specific times for eating, playing, learning and sleeping. By having a set schedule for different activities like storytelling and songs, your child will be kept engaged throughout the day. For toddlers, this is extremely important for their intellectual development as well. You will notice these positive signs as you spend time with you kid after daycare hours.

4. A genius is born:

With the help of child care experts, good day care centers have a defined curriculum, which helps in your child's intellectual development. Studies have shown that young children exposed to defined curriculums at this stage have higher cognitive and academic achievements as compared to their peers who did not have access to these.

Choosing the right daycare with trained professionals plays an important role are not just leaving your child to be taken care of while you are away; but you are shaping his future too.

5. The friend zone:

The concept of friendship starts here. Your child will be able to spend time with other kids of his/her age at a daycare. This helps develop social communication skills as they pick up on the basics of human interaction here. They learn the importance of communicating with words and sharing, something that is very difficult to achieve in children who have minimum social interaction with kids their age.

This is very important with single child couples, as many a times they are blamed of being overprotective towards their children and hence their children turning out to be introvert, selfish, etc.( I strongly disagree with this thought though). Sharing and social communication skills becomes a way of life here and helps your child in future too.

6. Breathe easy:

By knowing that your child is in good hands, you can concentrate on your work more easily. This helps reduce the amount of stress that you go through each day, leaving you fresh and energetic to play with your kid when you come back home." Again choosing the right daycare center leaves you less worried.

Of course besides the points mentioned here, I always believe an understanding partner plays a major role in making the decision of a working spouse easier by shouldering domestic responsibilities too, so that the lady of the house gets some rest in her daily schedule as well.

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