I wrote a tiny Python script for someone interested in importing CRM data into HubSpot.

HubSpot CRM Importer:

HubSpot offers a functionality of importing CRM data from CSV files. You can import contacts, companies, and deals by using it. However, it has one big limitation — you can not associate those objects when importing data. This is where HubSpot CRM Importer script shines. This script imports data from CSV files into your HubSpot portal with beautiful relationships. :)


The following articles might be helpful if you have not installed Python 3+.

LINE is a messaging app which especially popular in Japan. Similar to Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, LINE users can exchange text, images, video, and audio. Also, users can conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.

Though originally LINE was developed for personal communication, nowadays, some companies are starting to use it for providing their services. In December 2017 Line reached 217 million the average number of users a month. Therefore, we can say that LINE became an attractive communication platform for the BtoC service companies.

HubSpot does not offer a native integration with LINE. However, with minimum coding and settings…

Creating something is fun. Some people love to create poetry, some love to create music, while some love to create furniture. For me, I love to create applications which help other people.

Recently, I made a mobile application using React Native and Node.js. React Native is an amazing development tool which enables web developers to create a real native mobile application leveraging their knowledge of JavaScript. Thanks to that, I was able to develop this application within 7 days while learning new technologies like JSX and Redux at the same time.

I would like to share you some of my…

Summer vacation season is coming in Japan now. Many companies, including my customers and partners as well, are closing this week. Therefore, I am spending relaxed days. Thanks to that, I could use my time for learning something new — sales methodologies. This article aims to summarize my learnings.

Currently, I work for the US-based IT company as Sales Engineer. Though I sell company’s products every day, I don’t have solid knowledge in sales. For a long time, I was feeling a necessity to complement it. SPIN Selling, a book recommended by one sales professional, seemed an ideal for my…

Shinobu Kawano

My favorite programming language is Scratch. 🐈

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