Five Reasons you must use G Suite for your business

G Suite is a collective group of apps and services provided by Google. With it, you have access to GMail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Hangouts and unlimited cloud storage. A whole range of online applications intended to streamline your workflow and give your business an online presence.

Here are five ways you can benefit if you decide to use G Suite for your business:

1) Your own brand domain

Many businesses still use a free ‘@gmail’ account for all their business communications. G Suite lets you use your business’ brand in your email with your very own domain name. Using your business domain in your email (i.e. [yourname]@[yourdomainname].com) creates a professional presentation for your business, reflecting your serious attitude towards your work. It also lets you brand your user interface with your own logo, rather than Google’s.

2) Familiar Gmail experience

Most of us hesitate to make drastic changes. But you won’t have any changes to worry about as G Suite, in spite of offering you your own domain name, continues to use the Gmail interface most of us are already familiar with. Your employees will not have to learn a new mail interface if they already are familiar with Gmail. Your email can even be accessed via a URL, such as http://webmail.[your domain name].com.

3) Easy and efficient collaboration

Its intelligent apps allow you and your team to work together on documents simultaneously. Editing capabilities can be given to all or just a select few. The built-in chat feature allows your team to brainstorm ideas and communicate while working on the documents. The edits are visible in real time to everyone involved and are automatically saved in the cloud. These smart features eliminate the need to send numerous emails with updated versions of the documents. These documents can be accessed remotely making it easy for you collaborate and work with virtual teams.

4) Account and File Ownership

Your company owns all employee email accounts. And all documents created by your employees are owned by the company.

If someone leaves your company, their email and its contents would still be in your control. You can immediately change their password and access their account — to forward the emails sent to their address to someone else. Google Drive also offers cloud backup services. Your employees can back up their local work folders and files to your company’s Google Drive, centralising your business’s communications, enabling you to work with your business-branded email and Google’s presence.

5) A secure, reliable setup

Having your email hosted and managed by your web host can give you downtimes when they go offline. Google, with 99.9% uptime and 24*7 phone and email support, virtually eliminates all possible hassles you risked earlier. They also have proven systems and securities in place, ensuring security of your data even in case of server failures.

However, you and your employees should never access sensitive information via public Wi-Fi. Such wireless networks are unsecured. Data shared on it, including usernames and passwords, can be intercepted by hackers.

With the flexibility to add or remove users as your business changes, Google’s G Suite is the most efficient productivity and cloud collaboration tool in the market right now. Unlike Microsoft, or any other competing service right now, it only charges you for the number of users under your subscription.

Without giving any payment information, you can start your free 14 day trial of G Suite here.