Looking back on spring to early summer

Yuki Shindo
Jun 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Already the climate of Japan is heading toward full-fledged summer.

I try to looking back on spring to early summer.

Of course I can’t write everything, so here I write about Javascript which I write at work. I will not write about technical thing. This is a “fragment of my personal diary” published.

I was assigned to a new project in the spring. It is a service of video distribution system. I work as a front end engineer writing JavaScript there. (And sometimes I also write PHP.)

For the first time since I was assigned to this project I began thinking seriously about UI / UX. Because I had many opportunities to implement server side. But front end implementation was very simple.

The project I involved put emphasis on the server side logic rather than the screen. Yes, it was only a enterprise system. There, everyone was more interest with the logic on the server side than on the design and operability of the screen. That was the case at least for projects I participated in.

The thing called UI / UX was more difficult than I thought. I couldn’t imagine beyond what I thought. Actual use case. Usage will also change in PC, iPhone, Android, etc. When do users feel stressed? Does the flow to access to information be what it intended?

There are many things to think. Of course, the design of the site itself is also important. I read the Bootstrap and JavaScript references over and over and write the code on a daily basis. It’s hard thing, but it’s exciting and fun!

And recently I have learned about React.js. I am using jQuery at work, but as the code increases, I feel that the outlook of the code is getting worse. (Of course, That is why my skills are insufficient.)

Rewriting direct DOM, management of DOM becomes difficult.

Of course, It is not a story that jQuery can not be used. Everything has light and darkness. I also found the charm of jQuery and I also found the charm of React.js.

I decided to try React.js and I changed the front end of “Sauna map of Japan” to React.js. I using “react-rails”.

Now I am rewriting the top page. The user page etc. have already been completed in React.js. After rewriting to React.js, I will try Redux.

The front end world is also very interesting! I want to increase the time to write the code.

Oh yes! I recently started a marathon. I run 10 km on the weekend. It seems that concentration has been sustained more than before. It may be a placebo effectt! ;)