One of my favorite projects is Aragon. It lets you create a DAO for your organizations.

Most important prospects in crypto, IMO:

  • Money / cash
  • DAOs
  • ICOs / fundraising
  • Stablecoins
  • Prediction markets / futarchies

User Experience

Big blockers: Increasing the size of blocks beyond 1MB will speed up transactions and create a better user experience.

Small blockers: Yes, we agree. However, it will lead to centralization because only the most well equipped miners will be able to mine and full nodes will be difficult to run when the blocks become very large.

Fast growth vs final product

Big blockers:It is important that Bitcoin grows quickly now so that it can dominate before alt coins get their footing. …

I just read, about how evolution and the free market both lead to huge marketing costs being built into the market. The example given is the tree canopy of a rainforest, with all its waste. The height of the trees is so great because all the trees need to be highest in order to get sunlight. Being lower than the highest equals starvation. The trees cannot come to an agreement to stay at a lower height because this is tooth and nail competition, so they grow huge trunks to be the tallest. Companies, like pharmaceutical companies, build huge sales organizations for the same reason when they could simply agree to put the information about their drug online for doctors to see and save a bunch of money. …

During the past year or so, I’ve been really impressed by the adoption of Periscope by the public. In particular, it seems that a lot of successful people are completely open to answering questions from the public, as long as it’s on their time.

Thinking ahead a few years, to a world where Oculus Rift, or some other VR platform is the hardware that everyone owns and uses, will be have the opportunity to literally follow in the footsteps of other entrepreneurs as they go about their day? Will Gary Vaynerchuk and Willie Morris be walking around with a GoPro rig attached to their hats? Maybe AR glasses will function as 360º cameras that can record his day as it happens?

Years ago I took an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, not natural language processing) course, and while I’ll say that a good deal of it is hogwash, there’s also a lot of stuff that works. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that it can work. One of the things I believe works (for some people) is visualization. One particular example of this is the “swish” pattern. Here’s a short video explaining the swish pattern:
The swish pattern is intended to change your behaviour by making you react a different way than usual to a particular stimulus. In the video above, you see “Sophie” running through some visualizations so that she can feel motivated to work out whenever she eats a doughnut. The visualization requires that you make an image of a doughnut, an image of yourself in good physical shape, and then you quickly “swish” the images. …


Matthew Lally

Founder of Pitch Investors Live. Blockchain fan. Brit in Florida. Capoeirista and MMA hobbyist. Psychology fan. Boundary-pusher / habitual line-stepper.

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