Not a Kind of Person

It’s been a while. I don’t even figured.

But well, I know something. Sometimes you looks funny when you ask something you’ll later forget, better I don’t have anything to hold on.

But also, there were always something which needs to forget.

First time I made a story, I never think about people. I didn’t think about what they would say, or what their reactions when they reads my stories. I just think that … “now I make my first story. Ah, what will happen after this princess meet her prince?”, just something like that. I am seven years old back then.

I never ask for opinions. I just made up the stories under what I think. First time I start to ask my friend for being my first reader of my story draft was when I fourteen.

First time I know that I could make a book was when I am nine years old. It was because an event which held on my elementary school, a publisher come to my school. It was a publisher which accepting some stories that wrote by young and creative children, they accept for 5–12 years old children. I even brought back a book which I got for a good question I gave back then. And I decided to write more stories so that I can make a book someday.

I made so many stories. So many ideas appears, they all ask me to write them on so many papers. But I can never post it to the publisher, because I can never go to the post office when I was child. Don’t even think to go to the post office, I even can never print the story and paste the file of the story to the disk — the publisher ask for the digital files in a disk. I know I can’t but I still writing.

I just did not want to remember that I can’t make a book.

And then, an underclassman-girl of mine have her book published. She is eight years old back then, and I am ten. She become popular at entire school. It made me remember lightly of what I can never did.

I try to ignore that. She have her own book, just it. I even have her book, and have read that. I just don’t feel arrogant but her novel is so far worth than mine. Anyway, find an excellent kids isn’t that easy.

I did forgetting to make book when I am young. But I still writing, I think I will publish my book when I have gotten older. That thinking later made me dreaming more, not dreams about me but about the world — what it was out there when I am writing hopefully here? And I have many more imaginations to write on.

Adult peoples around me said that I have to be wiser as I am getting older. They said that I have to know what the best and what the worst, so I’m not do the bad things. Also to choose what I have to remember and what I have to forget.

But, I don’t think I have gotten wiser. I have leaving Medium until over than one year — hehe.

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