Why UK became the most popular place to study and to visit by LPDP awardee?

Going abroad is everyone’s dream especially for those students who want to continue their study abroad. Europe and America became the top choice country to study either their Bachelors or Postgraduate degree. Reffering to the data from LPDP sholarship, a scholarship grant given by Indonesiam government, England became the most favorite destination to choose in terms of studying. From 10,000 awardee in year 2012–2017 there were 1,672 awardee who chose England, followed by Holland with 798 awardee and Australia came as the third country with around 684 awardee.

Quality education must be one of the characteristics or criteria in choosing school. However, if it is really the criteria, America has more quality universities than Europe. According to the study of Quackquarelli Symonds,a university ranker, there are five universities from United State of America that take spot in the top ten of best universities in the world naming MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) being the first in 2017, followed by Harvard university and at the third position is Stanford Univrsity, California Institute of Technology at the fourth rank and Chicago university at ninthposition.

Meanwhile, in England there are only four universities that take spot in top ten best universities in the world. They are university of Cambridge in fifth position, Univeristy of Oxford in sixth place, University College London in seventh position and Imperial colloge London at eighth place.

Despite of the rankings, England universities always take some challenges and find some ways in persuading the students in terms of their education practices. Several universities and some universities in England have a neutral understanding and have a low requirement for English proficiency that is why it is much more favorable for the students especially those foreign students. In regards of the ranking and the best universities in America, the decision in studying abroad and to choose the right university always depends to the students who consider the availability of the course fitted to their chosen university

Aside from quality education,Indonesian students consider the environment for so many reason that is why England became the most favorable country for them . First reason would be the four-season weather that every student’s dream country to visit. Tropical climate that Indonesia has, made the people got used only on wet and dry season. Second reason would be England’s wonderful scenery that became a fascination to visit. Like stated in Tribun Bali in March 2017, tourism destination is the reason for the students to choose England. The classic buildings, museums, and the tourism place is complete reason in attracting students to come to England.

Moreover, as it is known that in UK there are many near beautiful countries also. Between one and another it can be reach by riding a bus with several hours trip. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, a country that has many places to offer.

Those are several factors why England became most popular country to study and to visit by LPDP awardee. Nevertheless, wherever they study hopefully they can get back to Indonesia and give their best contribution to our country.

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