I am Woman.

I am Woman. 
I’m not ashamed of my period. 
Or my bra strap showing. 
No monster on the street, 
Can scare me, with his growling. 
No name calling, can bring me 
Down from my pedestal of glory.

No society can tell me, 
What to wear or when to come and go, 
No man can tell me, 
He’s better by virtue of his sex. 
No religion dictate, 
Where to go and where not.

No tradition can browbeat me, 
Convince me that I was, 
Put on earth to please others , 
That as a woman I am meant to be , 
Just a little less happy 
Than a man . 
No one can judge me if I choose, 
To have ten children or none. 
To raise them in my bosom, 
Or hold them in my heart. 
I am Woman.

No husband can take me, 
For granted. I’m woman, but I’m not his, 
Unless he becomes mine first. 
My dreams aren’t cheaper than his, 
My happiness is worth just as much, 
As his success. 
No legal paper dictates, 
His ownership or my slavery.

No mother can tell me, talk softly. 
Use a shawl when you breastfeed, 
Like its a crime. 
Tie your hair up when the in laws are here, 
Walk with dainty steps. 
Learn to make round rotis, 
Don’t use contraceptives after marriage, 
Your job is to make babies.

And when I stand up for myself, 
No one can tell me. 
Keep your voice down, 
The neighbours will hear. 
Let them hear. 
Let them know, I don’t take shit. 
From anyone.

I’m Woman. I will not settle, 
For anything less, 
Than what I deserve. 
I will demand satisfaction, 
In all things. 
I will demand Happiness, 
I will receive my due.

This day, I declare 
I’m Woman and I will scream. 
I will learn, to defend myself. 
No weaker sex, never again. 
No damsel, weak 
In need of rescue, 
But a warrior queen.

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