Tonight, in the cover of darkness. 
I’ll pack all my misery in a sack, 
I’ll toss it over my shoulder ,
Walk out of this place,
without looking back.

Tonight, in the cover of darkness, 
I’ll leave a feather-light kiss on your lips, 
Pretend that I won’t miss things, 
That you don’t make me crave, 
The touch of your finger tips.

Tonight in the cover of darkness, 
Let me leave the key in the door. 
When I slip out of the house, 
And into the cold, just remember 
I wish to be with you some more.

Tonight in the cover of darkness, 
I wonder if you’ll ever know. 
How hard it has been, 
How much I have wept, 
How deep is my endless sorrow.

The night has a cover of darkness, 
But all nights are finite , they say. 
The darkest nights hide the brightest Dawn,
To meet and laugh and love again, 
I hope we’ll find another way.

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