Do Mass Link Building Tools Still Work In 2017?

If you had asked me that question a few weeks ago my answer would've been a borderline ‘no’. That was until I did test run of SEO Auto Pilot. In fact I didn't ask that same question about instant link indexers and whether they are still valuable in 2017?

It’s not often I am impressed with new SEO tools. After hearing the buzz about SEO AutoPilot, I contacted the developers and went through a screening process which made defecting to the KGB seem tame.

Yesterday, a friendly European guy hit me up on Skype and said I’d be perfect for the beta group.

I asked if I could get a coupon for my list. He reluctantly agreed, gave me a trial copy and a 20% discount to send to my subscribers.

What Is SEO AutoPilot?

SEO AutoPilot takes up a much-needed gap between Syndwire and GSA. Syndwire’s APP kills Web 2 accounts. GSA is too complicated and yields low-quality links.

The software posts via Google Crome I had 98.5% success rate to bookmarking sites and 96.7% with web 2.0’s like Tumblr, WordPress, Newsvine and 53 more.

That’s the highest throughput and account creation on the market!


As an added value, the first 3 to use the coupon get Mints App 2.0 and everyone will get my worksheet of the best anchor text ratios for new, middle age and established sites.

Use this coupon code:
20OFFJASON valid till Monday

There are no sales funnels, phone verified accounts, burner e-mails, and proxies are optional. All you need is a PC and a $5 captcha breaker!

Mints alone is $200, plus 20% off on SEO Autopilot and my “secret sauce?”

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