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Are wondering why I’d bother to promote a product by Precious Ngwu (Precious Ng?) (who was going to banned from JVZOO according to comments my YouTube videos). Especially after the 3 part scathing review on “The CBS Formula”! The “CBS lead app rebranded as “The Flow Leads App.” I should have refunded the CBS Formula! It left Damon Nelson with a lot less respect my book. He should avoid get-rich-quick schemes and stick to software products like RSS Masher!

Source: https://shinyobjectreviews.com/internet-marketing-tools/flow-leads-app/

When I first got the CBS blueprint “get rich overnight,” it contained some half-finished videos explaining the CBS App, but not very well. The other software was mostly old junk. I started using the CBS APP (Flow Leads App). It was easy to use and create solid booking landing pages.

Yeah, I know, I still don’t sound exciting! You could save money and get Landing Page Monkey for better results. Normally that would be true, but the caveat to Flow Leads App is it prompts the subscriber to recruit their friends in a “viral loop” (which has been a big buzzword in marketing).

For all my years in marketing, I’ve never been a huge email guy. Maybe my it was upbringing in the adult Internet! All of the money spent was impulse purchases! Then we would spam them with email afterward! Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw an average of 8 to 10% conversions on leads! I wasn’t expecting it!

I explained in the video with this post it Is all you need to do, but here’s a quick walk-through.

1. First, you have to define your campaign objective. I can be a pre-launch, webinar registration, or even an existing product.

2. Then map out your funnel. The interface is incredibly easy!

3. Next, enter the necessary information for the Flow Leads Funnel Pages.

4. After, pick funnel design pages. Pay attention to because you need to entice your subscribers to share. For example, if they brought “x” Number of subscribers they get “y” reward. The “incentive” feature is what make Flow Leads stand out. The landing pages look great! The software cookies the vis to return to see how much progress they’ve made.

5. Last, assign a page where they can pick up their prize.

That’s it!

This type of viral marketing doesn’t return nearly the amount of money that Flow Leads advertises, but it made me pay a lot more attention to monetizing and growing my email list. It’s an old saying in marketing: The money’s in the list and that still true today!

This week only they have an introductory offer so that I will throw in this excellent bonus. This advice is straight from the horse mouth.

If yo pick up under my link, I will throw in everyone my courses Stumbled Upon Hero, YouTube Card Tricks, Tumblr Hero and the epic Pinterest SEO Tricks!


Make sure to clear your cache and cookies first and then e-mail me with your JV Zoo receipt at jay@jqmedia.org!

And as a special bonus even if you decide not to pick up Flow Leads I will still give you access to all five of my courses if you can bring me five bona fide email subscribers! (no fakes)

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As always, at Shiny Object Reviews we drink our own Kool-Aid here’s an example!

Source: https://shinyobjectreviews.com/internet-marketing-tools/flow-leads-app/