How Ticket Scalpers Use Rotating Proxies You In The Nosebleed Seats

How Modern Day Ticket Scalpers Use “Ticket Bots,” “Captcha Breaks” and Rotating BackConnect Proxies

I just heard about “ticket bots“! Theses vermin explain why I’ve missed so many sold-out shows lately!

I know exactly how these ticket scalpers are still getting away with this using rotating proxies from Storm Proxies (dropped by Microleaves) that change your IP address every-5–10 minutes and a Captcha breaker. They make a few different Captcha Breakers most are electronic. They work for a while, then The Captcha (CaptchaTronix) services update, but a service called Death by Captcha a crew of Filipinos who solve captchas by hand!

Last you need a bunch of 100% prepaid credit cards. The spinner beats the four tickets per credit rules, by logging you in through rotating backconnect proxies that come from unique IP addresses and Ticketmaster accounts.

StubHub was known to work (or worked) with vendors who use ticket bots.

Hey Man, Where Did You Get The Ticket Bot?

It is important to note that President Obama signed into law buying and reselling tickets via ticket bots illegal. There still is some gray area in some states, so don’t take this blog as a criminal blueprint. The US Senate’s Commerce Committee passed a bill making it illegal to violate “the integrity of online ticket purchasing order rules.” The bill means fewer brutally priced tickets for sports, concerts, theater, and sites like StubHub.

These laws apply to the United States only. I know marketers in the United Kingdom making a killing doing this. The tools to use it or in fact simple and not that expensive. Please consult your attorney on the exact legalities in your area.

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