How To Turn A YouTube Video Into A Blog Post

I am going to show you how to make a blog post out of your YouTube video. Let’s look at my “How To Stop Negative SEO in 2017” post from a while back; it is 100% YouTube content. I found a competitor was attempting negative SEO on one of my sites. On, if you search for “How To Stop Negative SEO in 2017” I was #1, but let me explain.

I like using DuckDuckGo because the results are relatively close to Google, but you do not have a skewed search history.

Now check how you scored with mother Google. You should search Google in a private window to confirm results aren’t “customized” (too much) make to log out of your Google account!

It is easy to grow a third hand and pat yourself on the back prematurely.

The only reason is that you are still in your google plus, so for best results sign out of your account. You can also clean up your cache and cookies, but this is close to the same result. Ranking top 10 is impressive for “How To Stop Negative SEO in 2017“. What if you take off “2017”? With the year removed: Moz, Kissmetrics and all these websites way bigger than me making held the top positions. I expected that! Minus the date, I am on page 2, not too shoddy.

How To Get Text Out Of The Video?

Getting back to the point, how do I convert the YouTube video into a blog post? You go to your YouTube video, find the three little dots near the share buttons, and then locate the transcript link below the video under “more.”

Youtube is doing a hell of a job translating speech, but there is still some “creative” renderings of what you have said.

This example was a 15-minute video so a lengthy transcript. Tou can ask someone on Fiverr to do the transcription. Not me, I put it into Grammarly to do the heavy lifting.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Time Codes

It is going to take some editing your transcript, but WAY LESS than writing from scratch. You are going to pull out all the time codes and pull it all together.

Grammarly flags the most egregious text as soon as you paste it in. You want to take the “conversational language” out ( the words you might speak but not write), and that is why I do not get some outsourcer to transcribe it. Grammarly is not going to able determine what you are writing about start until its pulled all this together. Unfortunately, I have not found an easy way to strip out YouTube’s time codes. You want to eliminate words like “guys,” extra “that” and lead-ins to sentences you speak, but never write. Written copy is less conversational and more straightforward.

Can You Say The Same Thing With Half As Many Words? DO IT!

You do not want to use words like “they” unless you are going to state who they are. You do not want to overkill the key phrase over and over (keyword stuffing) because just use in first 30 words of your post. No need to be William Shakespear for Google to know the message you are trying to convey.

Check our Our Video On Grammarly SEO

Grammarly flags critical mistakes, and that save time off the bat. Grammarly is not going quite to be able to tell what’s going on until you start pulling all this together. Unfortunately, I have not found an easy way to get rid of YouTube’s time codes. You want to eliminate words like “guys, ” and then you want to make it more readable. Make written copy less conversational and more straightforward. Don’t use words like “this” unless you are going to be clear about who this is later (unclear accent). Don’t go overkill on the key phrase, just put it right in the front of the post. Google is smart these days and knows what synonyms mean (LSI Keywords).

It is easiest to do this with Grammarly. You can set it with how high you want to make your vocabulary like in my case I want to make it more of marketing. I found it does not matter that much what style you put it on, but you can play around with the filters. You might want to keep gnawing away at it till you get to something you can finish.

What Next?

Once you finished the editing, copy the text out, and in about an hour, have banged out a 1000-word-epic-Neil-Patel-mega-post. You would want your title and your h2 to match close, but not exactly. There we go this is my whole post I have got all the images and dropped shadows in the post. I spent time on this and Google likes it. These are no lame stock images, every word and JPG are screenshots from my Youtube, thus making them original images! Aside from some stylistic editing, this blog post is 100% video! That is about all there is to it. Now you have learned how you turn your YouTube video into an excellent blog post.

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