List Of Internet Marketers On

Todd Spears

Todd Spears— Known for Project Supremacy was listed on the Ripoff Report and is trying to hack / negative SEO this site as we speak:

This company is total junk.. when I first tried them a couple of weeks ago, aside from it taking several hours to setup, it took a very long time to get a response from the support desk to my question (and even then it was just a one liner that didn’t solve anything). Then when I DID get my domains hosted.. they were only up for a few days before there was heaps of downtime.

Even now when I try loading any of my sites, they take a very long time to appear. There is something wrong with this companies server (it is possible they are simply a reseller for some other hosting company). For the price you pay (their top plan is $450 PER MONTH) this is an absolute joke, as their prices are 2–3 times what most other hosts charge, and the amount of downtime they get is at least ten times other hosts. They seem to prey on newbies who don’t know any better. –>> READ REST OF REPORT

Precious NG (HGWU)

I can testify from first-hand experience that this guy is a scammer and the Ripoff Report is 100% factual:

Precious NGWU is a scam artist Internet marketer who was kicked out of the warrior forum but, for some reason, JV Zoo allows him to unload his trash software products to unsuspecting people that just want to make a living at home.He now goes as Precious NG and claims to have won the “JV ZOO Vendor of The Year” although I cannot find where that title actually exists. READ MORE –>>

Dan Anton

Having has lived in Atlanta from 1990 to 2001, there was something that didn’t seem right with Dan Anton. The online community was a fairly close knit group at the time. Dan Anton came in like he was king of the internet and none of us had even heard of him. Recently, his story about being in the military are scammy as his click thru rate bots. If the military stuff is true: What a scumbag!

Matt Anton and Dan Anto have been doing internet scams for years. There internet offerings damage people that purchase their software.

The uploaded image will show that Crowd Search Me Does Not work. And that it actually hurts page rankings on Google. It leaves Crowd Search Me Purchasers vulnerable to censure by Google Bing Bot and its algorythyms.

Note the attached document downloaded from the Crowd Search Me Website.

Page rankings went down after the implementation of crowd search me.

This might be the longest RipOff report I’ve ever seen and does seenm to provide some facts. READ MORE >>>

To Be Fair, Consider The Source

That said, RipOffReport is far from a reputatable site and there are prhaps more innocent people on it than real legit scammers. In the cases of rhe internet marketers listed in this articles the report (by my first hand knowledge) seem to be true.


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