WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review

Profit Builder 2.0 Review With Mints App 2.0 Bonus

Today, we are taking a look at Profit Builder 2.0 by Sean Donahoe. I was not that excited about it at first. There has been so many different page builders, member site, and funnel builders coming out recently. Flow leads (which was awful) and then Smart Member (stopped developing), Click Funnels or OptimizePress. Every time one comes out, there is always a portion of the Internet Marketing Community that claims it is the “must-have-thing.” The only CMS that has stood the test of time has been WordPress. Every week product developers are releasing something that might not be supported in the not so distant future. Hardly a foundation to build your business.

The only reason I am even getting into this is when Sean Donahoe does something he does it big. It was a good sign when they proactively started sending review copies, To be honest, I did not have an excellent experience with Profit Builder 1.0 because it relied heavily upon Woo Commerce which made my sites crawl at a snail’s pace. I never even wound up making use of it.

So what is Profit Builder?

It is a fancy visual editor to build landing pages, membership areas, blogs and sales funnels in WordPress. Despite my initial skepticism, I was impressed with the 2.0 beta release of Profit Builder. You can see a walk through the software video accompanying this post.

Primarily, Profit Builder is a front-end Visual WordPress editor. This video is just their demo they sent me. You can just quickly switch out the template elements with whatever you want, import completely different templates and all you have to do is save your changes

Here is some case in point: A real estate page and you can build complete funnels! They funnels will look familiar if you want to purchase the software with all the bells and whistles. The funnel creator is visual. I have never even seen this done in WordPress before.

Props on that!

Templates include this preview webinar registration. You can quickly click on the things to edit it “front-end” with ease. It is fast too. Granted, it is on Sean Donohoe’s server! As a self-professed “millionaire marketer” he can afford good hosting!

The email squeeze pages look great, Complete with data progress bars. I integrate with all the different autoresponders Aweber or Get Response. The software in the video is a beta version, so all services are not hooked up as of the recording.

It goes without saying in 2017 you need a responsive theme and Profit Builder is very mobile friendly and AMP compatible. It has all the tracking Twitter cards, Facebook pixels Google remarketing. You can use cookie based timers to create scarcity in a webinar registration. In this example lead capture, if you wanted to edit it, you just go edit page, and you just click the element to edit, and then you would have to work on the content in the sidebar. These kinds of editors get a little frustrating, but you can see like I am editing all of the content from the same toolbar. This might take some getting used to.

More Than Landing Pages!

The theme can integrate to whatever mail service you use. Profit Builder is not just about lead pages! You could build the entire authority sites, with so many interactive elements people would not even know it was WordPress. Also, you can cripple the user and high content behind a protected members area for your digital products.

These are the customization actually, save and publish and a variety of different formats depending upon your marketing goals. With profit builder, you can go from a simple blog to a full-scale member portal complete with multiple sales funnels. The visual editor, this is very familiar and easy-to-use especially if you have some experience with WordPress. If you are new, You might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Of note, always save as a draft first. Then the logo will appear at the top of the screen, meaning you are in “profit builder mode.” Activate it. From there, you added the page, and then load a template, build a page from scratch or modify an existing template.

Everything that I have covered here, I was able to figure out in less than an hour with the little bit of experience I had the version 1 in 2015.

I am going to experiment with some of the more advanced features in my next review. The great thing about Profit Builder: Any webmaster, can look like a great web developer! This WordPress theme/plug-in has so many professional options.

So far, I am pleasantly surprised. I’m adding a star to my previous “three-star review.” Who knows, after using the more advanced features, I might move this review to five stars, as long as the site speed remains high.

Time will tell, but so far so good!

Source: https://shinyobjectreviews.com/profit-builder/2-bonus/

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