Why Travel Businesses Should Use Social Media

Social media was practically designed for travel

Travel and social media go hand in hand, almost as if social media were designed for travellers. That early desire to show off your holiday snaps to friends and family on Facebook has turned into an obsession for some to make sure they choose a place that will look good on social media.

According to research conducted by Expedia, 40% of UK millennials say they consider how ‘Instagrammable’ a place is before booking their holiday.

Social media has replaced the need for postcards and boring holiday slideshows. With social media you can

- Share status updates and holiday snaps

- ‘Check in’ to attractions and famous landmarks

- Review hotels and businesses

- Broadcast your holiday moments live to your friends and family back home and have them comment on it in real-time

  • Create 360 degree panoramic experiences
NatGeo’s 360 image of Victoria Falls got 6 million views

74% of travellers report using social media while on holiday, while 52% say that their friends’ photos influenced their decisions on where to travel.

Facebook is investing heavily in augmented reality and video on its platforms. Immersive experiences will only become more and more popular and rravellers will have more ways than ever to make their friends jealous back home.

Thousands of ordinary travellers and backpackers now make a living from posting about their holidays and travel experiences on social media. They become powerful online influencers with audiences back home and can charge travel businesses thousands of pounds or command big freebies in exchange for reviews on their social media channels.

So what does all this mean for travel businesses?

When you think about it, social media influences almost every stage of planning a holiday.

Expedia’s Page on Facebook

From the inspiration to go to a particular place; to the company you choose to book with; to the desire to update people about your holiday while you’re on it. Not to mention, recommending your trip to others afterwards.

Social media also creates a lasting memory of the whole experience to look back on in years to come.

So, as a travel company or organisation, how do you want your customers to experience and talk about your products on social media?

To influence how people talk about your business or product, you need to be part of the conversation.

Engaging with your customers on social media will help you to shape the conversations happening around brand, product or destination.

To create a positive brand identity on social media takes a good strategy. And creating a good social media marketing strategy takes time, patience and a detailed understanding of social media marketing. But the rewards can pay dividends. A positive experience on social media might be the difference between a customer choosing your product or destination over another.

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