The pro ships often, constantly, and when it’s lousy.
Did you ship lousy stuff today? You should.
Ryan J. Pelton

I wish there was a better understanding of minimum viable product in the corporate world. It’s a business idea, and yet rarely understood in a business environment.

If you try to add too much stuff, so that the “M” starts to mean massive rather than minimum, you’ll still ship lousy stuff. You just won’t do it often, and it won’t get better very fast (if at all).

And that’s the frustration for people in lots of companies. That they wish they could ship often, constantly, and even when it’s lousy. But leadership doesn’t let them. They only ship “lousy”, and then it’s because it’s taken so long that they have to ship something.

What’s great about writing, and personal projects. It can be an escape from that. As I make the early steps, I’m trying to make sure I write a lot. And that I complete stuff…at least an iteration of it. And I want to show people.

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