This man would pass the Turing Test- he would fool an observer into thinking he actually understands the Chinese being passed inside.
The Highly Divisive Argument For Why Computers Will Never Truly Understand Anything
Sarvasv Kulpati

I’m not sure that’s entirely true. Passing the Turing Test requires a computer to fool a human during a natural language conversation. Passing the Turing Test is not a question of rote answers to rote questions, however accurate those individual answers might be.

Unless the questions being passed in were entirely at the whim of the questioner, involving imagination, idiom, etc, they wouldn’t be a truly legitimate test.

And, even understanding intricate rules, the man passing back the symbols would sound stilted, possibly repetitive, and not understand idiom, metaphor, etc. They wouldn’t be able to reference the previous parts of the discussion. Just as occurs with natural language tests conducted with computers, it would quickly become clear that the answers demonstrated no true understanding of the conversation.

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