Tips on How to Memorize Words & Phrases Effectively

We all want to use effective study methods so we can learn a language quickly and speak it well.

If you’re stuck and not making any progress in earlier stages of language learning, here is the effective tips on how to memorize words&phrases for you! Hope this works!

The key is to use mnemonics.

1. Think of a Word or Image You Associate with Both the Term and its Definition

Do you usually write words down as many times as possible to memorize them?

Well, it’s not the best choice, I have to say.

The most important thing is to make some connections between the images and the words you already know so that way it would be easier to remember.

Also, you may want to create the images in your mind clearly.

In terms of how you learn them, it depends on characteristics of your native tongue and the target language: however, the theory is the same as your brain works by association.

For more details on how to make those connections, this video explains the similar way to do it:

How to Memorize Fast and Easily by Memorise

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2. Review What You Learned at Least Once a Week

When you learn things, your brain stocks them in a short term memory, which is the first stage to help it move into a long-term memory.

In order to store in the long-term memory, you have to review many times.

Take a look at this “Curve of Forgetting” graph below.

Curve of Forgetting

This shows how we retain or forget information that we take in for the next 30 days if we don’t review it.

As you can see, the percentage significantly drops after Day1.

Now you may realize how students cramming for exams and spend a huge amount of time studying especially before test-terms begin.

However, they forget most of what they learned within a few weeks! That’s because they don’t review it after learning and it stays in a short term-memory: After a few weeks, they lost 80 to 90% of what they remembered.

Let me say that again: Reviewing is important for language learning.

3. Pronounce It When Learning.

Your memorization skills also can be improved more if you pronounce it when learning. Try to pronounce the word at least 6 times at once, allowing you to remember it easier.

What is your biggest tips on memorizing words&phrases?Let me know in the comment section below!

For more language learning tips&tricks, stay tuned!