A Random Amount of ?’s, NCAA Tournament Edition

In response to the NCAA tournament, I ask……

Where was the Madness this year? No upsets or 12 seeds going to the Sweet 16? This tournament was too predicable for my taste.

And boy, did Duke get exposed by South Carolina in the Round of 32?

(Good gosh, that loss was horrific! Biased officiating, a biased crowd, you name it!)

North Carolina Legislature, do you now regret the decision to institute the HB2 law now? That decision cost us the game.

Are any other Duke fans growing a bit tired of Coach K’s seven-man rotation?

Gasp….am I even suggesting that Roy Williams’s substitution pattern of 9 or 10 players is more effective?

(How could I just suggest that? I guess it’s because Roy learned from Dean Smith and I have the utmost respect for the late legend)

With that said, is it only a matter of time before the NCAA hammer (if it comes down at all) comes down on our friends at Chapel Hill??

What consequences will UNC receive? Loss of scholarships? Postseason bans? Nothing?

Doesn’t Carolina miss recruiting classes like this?

So who does Duke return next year??? Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles, Chase Jeter, and Sean Obi are already gone. Have we (fully) become Kentucky, meaning that we have a whole team full of freshmen and sophomores? Am I sure I like this as a Duke basketball fan?

Furthermore, will all the hardcore Duke fans calm down now that Marques Bolden has elected to end all speculation and return?

Are creatures growing out of Prezmek Karmouski’s beard?

In the future, will veteran ballclubs be the future in college basketball?

Can’t we all applaud Michigan’s effort in the tournament after their lives flashed before their eyes??

Can’t we all give old-school coach Frank Martin his due for his passion and superior coaching?

And the most important question of all…

If these NCAA tournament results make or break your mental psyche, shouldn’t you reevaluate your priorities?

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