What’s the best way to design your startup’s office?

An office can be a cold, dreary place.

Or, it can be bright, and inspirational.

I recently visited the new Sprintly / Quick Left office in Portland, Oregon.

They’re still moving in, furnishing, and decorating, but I think they’re already getting a lot of things right:

The Sprintly / Quick Left office

Location, location, location

The office is located above Barista on 3rd Ave downtown Portland, in the historic Hamilton building. Step out the front doors, and you have dozens of great options for food and drink.

There are many offices relocating to the suburbs; I think that’s a mistake. You want to be downtown, where there are amenities close by. A good office location is walkable, has a great coffee shop nearby, and at least a few good places for lunch.

Natural light

Recently, I shifted to an office with floor to ceiling windows; I was amazed at how much it affected the quality of my work.

Sprintly’s new office has huge windows on the south-east side:

The windows on the south-east side bathe the whole room in natural light

Breakout rooms

The open office floor plan is the default for most startups. This arrangement works well, but only if you have smaller private rooms that allow you to break away for a meeting, a phone call, or some uninterrupted work time.

There are 4 glass enclosed meeting rooms in the Sprintly office.


Add some character to your space

It’s easy to move into your new office, quickly set-up some desks, and start working. But before you do, it’s advisable to inject a little patina into your space first. You don’t need hire an interior designer, or spend a lot of money, you just need to get started. Put a few things on the wall; don’t be afraid to get a little weird.

Want some inspiration?

Quick Left and Sprintly are doing a grand opening party for their new Portland office on October 16th, 2014.

They have more information on their website.

Want to work in a space like this? It looks like they’re hiring.

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