Marketing + Sustainability = Love

I knew when I was buying my new notebook, that it was made from recycled materials, but I had no clue how delighted I could be from a bloody notebook!

(The above picture is what I saw when I opened the first page).

As a marketer and environmentalist, I absolutely love this and had to share it! Here is why I believe this page is so powerful:

1. The information is organized simple to more complex as it earns more of your valuable attention.

2. It communicates in a visually-pleasing manner the impact made by purchasing this product.

3. The whimsical excerpt beginning with “JUST THINK” puts that impact into perspective by connecting people and time.

4. The final section reinvigorates their authenticity by emphasizing their vision and commitment to it — you know this isn’t a ploy just for positive PR. In fact, after looking into the company, I was pleased to see an entire page on their website dedicated to their multiple certifications, including Forest Stewardship Council, B-Corporation and Green-e, to name a few.

I know what you’re thinking at this point, “So what, it’s just a page in a notebook!?”. But this page is a terrific example of fresh marketing, in a declining industry, that many might also consider a dull industry. In just this one page, I was captivated from top to bottom, sought out to further research their company, and became a brand advocate as I proceeded to write this post. Furthermore, there is a deeper point to be made — New Leaf has something meaningful and differentiating about their business that they are able to market in an authentic way.

Commitment to sustainable business decisions is something that consumers increasingly care about and seek out in the companies they buy from and work for. So, if you are looking for a long-term strategy for success, follow the lead of New Leaf, get serious about your triple bottom line and the benefits will follow!