Cargo Contaminates Our Planet; Shippa Sustains It

On average, 102,465 flights go out per day around the globe. When taking into account small planes, private jets, helicopters etc, it shoots up to 150,000 a day on average. As for the number of routes that these flights are using, the number comes out to a whopping 49,871. At any given moment, roughly 5,000 planes are in the skies above the United States. Essentially, in one year, controllers handle an average of 64 million takeoffs and landings. Pretty nuts, right?

Current global status:

Current US status:

Current Europe status (less domestic as it’s night) :

The key thing to know here is how many of these flights are cargo airlines. And, how much cargo transportation is occurring on a day-to-day basis in general (taking into account ships, trains, etc). According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, on any given day, more than 87,000 flights are in the skies in the United States. Only one-third are commercial carriers, like American, United or Southwest. On an average day, air traffic controllers handle 2,148 air cargo flights (Federal Express, UPS, etc.). That means that an average of about 784,020 air cargo flights are in the air per year.

Given what we know about cargo flights, we must note that the amount of cargo transportation occurring on a daily basis is important not because of the shockingly large number, but because of the carbon emissions happening as a result. Each individual means of transportation that goes out solely for the sake of the transportation of goods does in fact severely influence the amount of CO2 emitted in the air. When looking at a study of much cargo transportation is occurring in general, we can look at the amount of CO2 (in grams) emitted per metric ton of freight and per km of transportation:

The effect of the CO2 emissions of airplanes are 2 to 3 times higher compared to the emissions on the ground, because airplanes release the CO2 in high altitudes into the atmosphere, where they do much more harm. Evidently, avoiding air cargo transportation and cargo transportation in general will reduce CO2 emissions.


So, what’s the answer to finding a more sustainable solution you ask? Shippa is an answer. With Shippa, there is absolutely zero form of explicit cargo transport involved, in regards to specifically having a dedicated airplane ship your item. Our personal shoppers travel for you via pre-existing flights. Your order will get to you through regular airlines with our trusted shoppers. Essentially, the flights are flying on these routes with or without your desired premium products, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Imagine if CO2 emissions were decreased by over double what they are now…

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