Somebody To Lean On…

A passion for logistics led us here
Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend… in logistics

Startup CEOs and founders, I too feel your pain.

Especially, when it comes to shipping. How expensive they can get, and how much more money goes down the drain, when needing to ship something fast?

Let’s have a look at the following picture, shall we?

Apparently, to ship a (1ft * 1ft * 1ft) box over from Hong Kong to San Francisco would cost the delivering party from $280+.

When companies are on a tight ship and budget, and trying to run a lean operation, the last thing that they should worry is the price for shipping a small box overseas.

The status quo of doing the same things traditionally, to us, isn’t time and cost efficient.

It simply is not cool.

RISE Hong Kong

Given that businesses need to ship things over to other offices, often-times internationally, why must they be placed with the heavy burden of paying premium, and often times, ridiculous prices?

During our time at Hong Kong, exhibiting at Rise, and talking to attendees, we noticed a trend, especially thanks to the fruitful small talks we had with startup CEOs and founders that stopped by our booth.

We realized that they were also struggling… with shipping, its costs specifically. They were interested in a shipping solution which would allow them to ship packages quickly, minus the expensive fees that the traditional couriers tacked on.

So naturally, over many Chinese dinners and plenty of Tsingtao beers, our team brainstormed what it is in how we can solve this issue, while keeping in line with our core competencies.

The result from these dinners, well it’s nothing short of brilliant…

Let us explain why.

Shippa for SMEs

We’re introducing Shippa for SMEs.

Yes, you heard that right, Shippa for SMEs. (small-medium enterprises). But why? And would anyone care to use this service?

To be honest, what we’re doing for the consumer side, there’s proof in the pudding that peer-to-peer logistics and commerce can be a viable business for the foreseeable future. Let’s unpack a company case, you may have heard of Amazon.

Amazon, in my opinion, has done a good job of catering to company’s that use their platform to make sales. With a sprawling logistics component and efficiency, along with a subscription based business model, they have risen to the top of the pack.


Unless you were using their business platform many times to increase sales, chances are, it’s just not that cost efficient.

Also, Amazon serves only a few key markets, specifically for businesses.(different than the sprawling reach consumers have)

This means that if you’re a business in a far flung country that’s not fully supported by Amazon, and would like to ship a parcel out to another country, you’re in for a rough time.

The question then remains, would businesses throughout the world, be able to participate in the peer-to-peer logistics space? The Shippa team believes it can.

Picture this scenario: why would businesses, who’d like to ship things to others in an efficient and timely manner, be any different than consumers, who’d like a product delivered to them to fulfill their needs?

Not much difference. Items/shipments that are mailed must end up at its destination in a timely manner, and more importantly, cost-efficiently.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx charge a sh*t ton of money for you to ship something, especially if needed to be shipped fast. Isn’t it time you had cheaper alternatives?

With Shippa for SMEs, companies & startups, now you have another option in which to speedily ship packages, internationally.