How to Pack Auto Parts Properly

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Packing auto parts is not a child’s play and if it is an international delivery, the process has to be a lot more stringent. How you pack your auto parts, determines how secure they will be during international shipping. Once you get the packing right, your worries about goods transportation during logistics distribution reduce substantially, and the risk involved too is minor. If you’re planning to send a parcel containing auto parts via international parcel delivery services, then you have to pay heed to the many factors that are involved in packing auto parts.
Here are a few parts that require distinctive packaging:
• Car doors and other small parts
• Windscreens and windows
• Metal fixtures
• Electronics 
• Seats and inner fabric
It is needless to say that these are just a few of the many parts that make up automobiles and one has to account for the clauses laid down by the international parcel delivery services and the authorities across borders.
How do I pack them and what to consider?
• To begin with, your package should be sturdy, mainly on the outside and you should cushion the parts inside to prevent hassles during international delivery.
• Use corrugated boxes, plastic or metal ones, whichever fits the bill. You can also custom design the package if it’s cost-effective, but hey, it could be worth the investment!
• Ascertain the conditions in the fulfillment warehouse or how the trucking services function in the region. If the packaging of the parts does not adhere to this, then techniques used are unsuitable and should be worked on. 
• Modes of transport- Shipping by air and sea needs a lot more attention, as in, weight and the material of the package. If parts are shipped via express delivery then care needs to be taken before placing the consignment in the hands of international logistics services. 
This is auto parts packaging 101.