Childhood Summers

Summer vacation is the best part of everyone’s childhood. No schools, zero studies and the best part was meeting cousins and relatives.

I had spent most of my summer vacations at uncle’s place. Last evening I visited that place after 5–6 years. I felt very nostalgic and all childhood memories crossed my mind. How 8 kids struggled to sleep together in one room, no matter whether the other rooms were empty or not! We just cared about togetherness. Though our uncle’s house was full of mangoes but stealing mangoes from someone else backyard was such an achievement. Copying each other, random demands and kids fighting was another interesting thing. 8 of us, cousins and siblings, used to divide ourselves into two teams and our small Mahabharata would continue until our parents stop us. Mud play, quiz competitions, trying to cook our own food with the tears in the eyes. These were the amazing snapshots of childhood summers.

Time flies and everything changes. Now everyone is in different cities. Few got married and few are busy in their own lives. We hardly talk to each other. But we have these memories. Cheers to all these times.

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