How the definition of being cool has changed over 27 years


The definition of COOL has changed over time or according to my age.

Before going to school the meaning of COOL was just like something ‘Less hot’ like cool weather, cool water. In the school I knew that COOL word is such an adjective which defines us.

When I was in school, getting tasty lunch was the coolest thing. If you have tasty lunch box then you have many friends, getting good marks and awards were the next cool things during school days.

When I reached senior secondary, then the definition changed again. According to the previous definition, I tried to get good marks and be a good daughter to my parents. But now, having a sporty or handsome boyfriend/Girlfriend was in market. If you had this then you are the coolest student of the class.

Now it’s college time, other things will make you cool, screw the above shit. Go and buy some hot dresses, have tattoos on your body, start drinking alcohol every night, bunk classes, smoke every fucking drug, have orgasm with multiple people and now, people call you COOL.

At present, the definition again changes, if you have done all those things in life which your MOM asked you not to do then you’re cool. Whenever we sit with friends and discuss our past then if you were the kid whom any MOM would have hated, if you were the student who didn’t attend single lecture then you’re cool, If you were double, triple or multiple dating then you’re COOL.

Is this the real meaning of coolness? Or are we misusing it and motivating immoral values?

I don’t understand that, why people who got good grades, who is earning well and having a simple life are being ignored. Do human beings get bored with these simple things or don’t want such thing in life which describes the word ‘Simple’?

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